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River, Coastal and Marine items (Eco-Fiber Stone Bag)

(1)Products Outline
Eco-friendly Fiber Stone Bags are installed to prevent Erosion in rivers, coastal and marine areas, prevent Scours of underwater structures, and stabilize underwater cables or pipelines, and use eco-friendly polyester pure Virgine materials to prevent Secondary Environment Pollution
(2) Product Structure
The Fiber Stone Bag filled with a porous Raschel Net structure has an irregular disk shape and absorbs and attenuates the force when strong force water penetrates into the Fiber Stone Bag.
(3) Product Specifiction
Lifting Load 1Ton~24Ton
(4) Product Special features
1) Material Aspect
- The use of eco-friendly, high-strength fibers excellent in durability and heat resistance.
- Hydrolysis rate is very slow due to the use of eco-friendly special materials without any harmful substances.
- The fiber stone bag has a Raschel Net structure, so the break does not metastasize.
- It has high flame retardancy and extinguishes fire on its own.
- It has more than twice the tensile strength of PP or PE materials

2) Construction Aspect(According to Site’s Condition and Scale)
- Active reflection such as 2Ton, 4Ton, 8Ton, 10Ton, 12Ton, 16Ton, etc. is possible.
- Raschel Net fabric and Lifting Rope thickness can also be applied quickly.
- It is installed immediately after lifting the Fiber Stone Bag filled with stones, so it is easy to construct and very fast to construct.
(5) Functional Special Features
1) Structural Aspect
- Excellent flexibility – FSB is well harmonized regardless of the characteristics and shape of the shore and bottom of the river and coast.
- FSB has excellent coating effects on the shore and floor, thereby increasing the effect of preventing loss and erosion of the shore.
- A Porous structure – Deceleration effect of flow velocity, mitigation of Scour Speed, and high erosion prevention effect.

2) Hydrophilic Aspect
- Introducing vegetation, increasing hydrophilicity with natural shoreline.

3) Ecological Aspect
- Various water Flow Rates and creation of various spaces - Creation of a growing environment of various organisms
(6) Construction Cases (River and Coastal Areas)